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"Green" Vegetation Control:   Filamentous algae 

A pond can quickly be taken over by weeds that not only look bad, but may make fishing and other recreational activities difficult. At Catskill Pond We identify weeds and algae to determine appropriate correction measures.
We Practice  "Green" methods of controlling Vegetation first and only rely on herbicides only when absolutely necressary.  We can  stock grass carp and design a system to manage aquatic nutrients to help control aquatic vegetation. Contact us today for an estimate.

Grass carp provide excellent biological control for many species of aquatic plants. Grass carp must be triploid (sterile) in order to be legally stocked. Grass carp are stocked at rates of 10 to 15 per acre depending on the plant species growing in the pond, severity of the weed coverage, and the size of the pond. Stocking sizes are 3 to 5 inches for new ponds, and 8 to 10 inches or 10 to 12 inches for existing ponds.

An excess of aquatic nutrients can cause algae or weed blooms that are detrimental to the aquatic ecosystem of your pond or lake.  These nutrients come from run off or water shed areas and can enter the pond during rainy periods especially if the watershed has been disturbed.  Proper maintenance of the water shed as well as a well aerated pond or lake can provide excellent weed and algae control with out the need for herbicides which could create problems for your neighbors waters downstream.

Use of non toxic food color based dyes at the proper amounts per acre in conjunction with a good aeration system are proving to provide absolute control over filamentous algae here in the Catskills.  The stringy, fast-growing algae can cover a pond with slimy, lime-green clumps or mats in a short period of time.
 If you have this "pond scum" or "pond moss" forming greenish mats upon the water's surface we can get rid of it for you and control it with these eco-friendly proven methods today.
We have had great success when others have failed.
Contact us today for an estimate.

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