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Creating an Aquatic Ecosystem:

Before stocking any species in your pond, water chemistry and habitat testing is a must for the survival and longevity of the species. 
Beware of the "fish stocker” who insists upon up-front payment and whose responsibility ends when the fish hit the water.  At Catskill Pond we are here to provide a full spectrum of services, from stocking to proper habitat and reproduction of individual species. We stand behind all of our services and products. 

 At Catskill Pond, we take pride in our service commitment to long-term pond management.  We are a local business and will run periodic checks on the property to make sure that the aquatic ecosystem of your pond remains in balance.  Catskill Pond has a client base of over 480 ponds and lakes in the area; and would enjoy adding you to our long list of loyal and satisfied customers.  Any one of them would be happy to provide a reference should you request one.   

Catskill Pond:  “Big enough to serve, small enough to care – Consistent Quality Service.”

 Food Chain Stocking:
The following species are available in quantities from one to thousands:  crayfish, fathead minnows, native-orange fin shiners, golden shiners, fresh water clams, trapdoor snails, common pond snails, daphnia cultures, bull frogs, tad poles, newts, and mud puppies.

Bait and Bulk Feed:
The following species are also available: night crawlers, dillies, earth worms, meal worms, wax worms, compost worms, mousie, spike, and crayfish.  We also carry a complete line of pelletized feed for all species as well as automatic feeders.

Game Fish:
The following species of game fish are available:  pumpkin seeds, crappies, sun fish, blue gills, yellow perch, bullhead catfish, walleye, American eel, rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, and northern pike.

 Maintenance Fish:
The following species are available:  triploid grass carp, channel catfish, mosquito fish, and koi pond carp.
 Decorative Fish: select koi, pond run koi, pond comets, as well as turtles. 
Pond plants are available from May to June and may be purchased as individual plants in juvenile or adult sizes.


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