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Catskill Pond Property Services:

     Catskill Pond also offers a variety of other services that will enhance the aesthetics of your property.  The following is a list of services we offer for our customers:

  •   Building demolition
  •   Property posting
  •   Selective timber harvesting
  •   Excavation work (all phases)
  •   Site clearing
  •   Tree chipping:  complete property and underbrush and woods clearing
  •   Firewood cutting and splitting
  •   Outdoor hydrants and the installation of water lines
  •   New road beds
  •   Horse trails and paths
  •   Fencing and post holes
  •   Metal detecting: including trash in ponds and lakes, as well as sewer line trash that is buried on the property
  • Stream cleaning and management
  • Culvert pipes for home and property drainage
  • Utility trenching
  • Property driveway gates
  • Road cables
  • Masonry repairs
  • Stone installation and concrete pavers
  • Construction of new dams or repairs on existing dams
  • Repair existing swimming pools

      At Catskill Pond, we have our own portable saw mill, and can custom cut lumber for any project.  We specialize in property management and can also help you with the following:

  •   Wild life game plot plantings
  •   Waterfowl control
  •   Shrub and fruit tree plantings
  •   Tree trimming and pruning
  •   Installation of bird and duck houses and bat rooms
  •   Boat oar dock and swim raft supplied, installed and repaired
  •   Winter storage, including installation of weed bed fabric for swimming areas
  •   Sand beaches designed and installed
  •   Old farm ponds cleaned and rebuilt
  • Beach and recreation area barbeques, picnic tables, playground equipment,  floating rafts and swim towers for children.
  •   Pressure washing and staining of buildings
  •   Construction of sheds and boat houses 

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