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Catskill Pond’s view on use of chemicals in your lake, pond, or stream:

Many of our customers discover that there is a lot to consider about adding chemicals to their pond, lake, or stream. At Catskill Pond, we make sure you realize that, when it comes to your water or land environment, it is important that you ask yourself what you are trying to achieve before adding anything, especially chemicals.

To quote an old commercial, “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.” That is our view at Catskill Pond: that “Mother Nature knows best.” Think about it, Mother Nature has been around a lot longer than science. As a matter of fact, most chemicals have only been developed within the last twenty years and have no track record against the side effects to the environment. In our experience, it is the chemical products that are used around our property and surrounding areas that are the cause of most of the vegetation problems we see when we make home visits. Before you allow anyone to put a manmade chemical into your lake, pond, or stream, ask them if they wouldn’t mind putting some into a glass of water and taking a drink. If the chemicals they are trying to get you to use are as safe as they claim, they wouldn’t think twice about drinking. Also, ask them if they will give you a signed letter, guaranteeing you that this substance is completely safe and will cause no adverse side effects to the water, flora, or fauna. If they are not willing to do these things, ask yourself, do I really want to put this into my water?

Also, you really need to think about what goes into your water if you have pets and/or children. We at Catskill Pond know just how much your pets and your children enjoy being in and around the water. When you think about their safety, you know just how important it is to trust that the water they are using is as safe as it can be.

Mother Nature has been around for millions of years. Can the chemical companies make the same claim? Catskill Pond looks for the natural solutions to your every need first. For example, most lake associations need only to dredge around the beach to maintain a desirable swimming area, a non chemical solution to what Mother Nature has designed. A pond or a lake is a temporary hole in the earth that eventually gets filled by runoff and also needs to be dredged in order to eliminate growth.

Our rule of thumb is that there needs to be 40% vegetation in every body of water. When you add chemicals to kill the vegetation, it only adds to the nutrient load that enables more vegetation to grow. In addition, it is not selective as to how much vegetation is destroyed. About 70% of all ponds treated this way have no frogs and, if there is a creek in your backyard, there will also be no brook trout, which used to exist years ago. The only way to correct this situation is to go back to what Mother Nature had originally established.

At Catskill Pond we help the natural processes by using non chemical means first. This includes aeration and selective dredging. We also use natural based methods for reducing light penetration in the water column. This then minimizes the rate of growth of vegetation. Our success speaks for itself in the many testimonials received from our clients. Before discovering our soft approach to vegetation control, they had spent many dollars on chemicals and misguided advice from those who think that all solutions come from chemical companies. Give us a call at 845-888-0084  for more information.

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